Holiday Inn Express Dundee

41 Dock Street, Dundee

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  • Central Dundee hotel, close to train station
  • On-site bar and restaurant
  • Ideal for attractions like the V&A museum
  • Close to Carnoustie and St Andrews

A stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Dundee is perfect for you, if you want somewhere that’s easy to get to and close to many of Scotland’s wonderful sights.

Easy to reach from Glasgow and Edinburgh, the hotel is a short walk from Dundee’s train station, and a close drive from some fine tourist spots including St Andrews and Carnoustie’s gorgeous beaches, and top attractions like the V&A Museum, RRS Discovery and HMS Unicorn.

Comfortable rooms

Guest rooms are cosy and compact, with single sofa bed and walk-in shower, some with views of the water front.

Rooms have black-out shades to assist with sleep, and there are tea and coffee-making facilities, hairdryers and high-speed WiFi in each room.

Hotel amenities

The hotel has its own lounge, bar and restaurant, should you wish to relax before heading out, have a tipple, or book in for dinner.

There are accessible facilities throughout the hotel, and there is nearby parking.



41 Dock Street





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